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For the third time during Whitsun we organise Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend. Join us the 28th till 31st of May 2020. During this long weekend we will elect Mister Sportswear Europe (30th of May). But first the 22nd of February we will elect Mr Sportswear Netherlands 2020 in The Web Bar. Do you have it in you to become the next Mr Sportswear NL and to represent the sportswear community during a year and win a nice prize package? (Including a sports goody bag (MrB), special sponsordeal from Darklands & Alphatribe: 1 Alpha Madness Pass (€ 145 access to all events throughout the weekend incl VIP), T-Shirt Leatherpride (€ 20), T-Shirt Alphatribe (€ 20) , Alphatribe baseball cap (€ 15) (Darklands & Alphatribe), a goodybag with bodyarticles (Cuts & Curls), a year of free entrance to LADZ (LADZ), Sneakfreaxx internet voucher socks + year of free entrance to all sneakfreaxx event in europe (Sneakfreaxx), Voucher for drinks & bites (PRIK), Mr Riegillio Voucher internet(Mr Riegillio), RoB voucher at RoB Amsterdam(RoB Amsterdam), Black Body voucher internet (Black Body), Drinks voucher (Cuckoo' s Nest), a trip to one of the leading sportswear events in Europe (Eagle Amsterdam), 10 free entrances NZ Sauna (NZ Sauna)

Darklands & Alphatribe offer to the 1st runner-up: 1 Madness Pas (€ 85 access to all events throughout the weekend) and 2nd runner-up: 1 Alphatribe baseball cap (€ 15)

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The election of Mister Sportswear NL 2020 is sponsored by Darklands, Alphatribe, The Web, Cuts and Curls, MrB, LADZ, Sneakfreaxx, PRIK, Mr Riegillio, RoB Amsterdam, Black Body, Cuckoo' s Nest, NZ Sauna and Eagle Amsterdam

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